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Thank you for your interest in The Orange Petals. Our magazine deals with Health, Weightloss, Natural Home Remedies, Beauty, Parenting, Life Style, Relationship etc., which can help and educate the readers.

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If you are a house wife or a good writer or Interested in article writing or Passionate about any of the below (but not limited to)

  • Health
  • Home Remedies
  • Pregnancy
  • Parenting
  • Relationship
  • Women Problems
  • Weight Loss
  • Recipes
  • Beauty
  • Life

then we are very much interested in publishing your article.

Content Guidelines

  • Submission – Before submitting your article please go through the posts and check if same article (70% related) is already published. If so, it would not be accepted. Please save your time and our time.
  • Original Content – Article should be original and not published on other sources. We are OK if you’ve researched a certain subject and you want to rephrase that idea or information in your own words.
  • Images – Provide relevant images for your article, as it might attract more readers for your article. (Very important, Either you should own the image or if retrieving from Creative Commons give proper credit to the owner as mentioned in CC). Article without images are not accepted.
  • Word count – Articles should be 800+ words in order to provide the best value to our readers.
  • Links – Add at least 2 links within your post from other posts on The Orange Petals. Also, you can add 1 link to your website (it has to be relevant and as per Google rules, it would be no follow link only and will be given in author section).
  • Use plain English – Some readers are new to the content discussed on our website. When determining word usage, assume the reader does not have experience with health and wellness topics.
  • Author Box – Please send us ‘About author’ text with your Name, Email and Website. You can also include social networks and email connected to your Gravatar.
  • Sources – If you refer to a study or statistic, please provide a link or reference of that source. Providing necessary backup will allow readers to follow up the information provided.
  • Attach article – Attach your article in mail or send in mail itslef.
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  • By submitting the article you agree to our terms that article is not published anywhere and will not be republished in other sites.


    • Admin has all the rights to edit, delete the content, add or delete provided images.
    • Once your article is published, it is owned by us.
    • Do not provide article to promote your product. For product promotion, charges apply.
    • Since ours is a budding website, we do not provide payment for contributions. If you are a continuous contributor, then you can join our team and work with us. (Based on Admin’s approval)
    • If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, after you sent the article, it means your article not accepted.

    Thank you for your great writing and contribution to the growth of all of us.

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