Essential Vitamins your body needs

Your body always need some essential Vitamins and Minerals… Without them you feel tired, unhealthy and dull. So to make your body work well, you always need these. Here lets check whether you take them properly either from your foods, or by using any supplements. 

 Vitamin A – This is one of the most essential Vitamin that your body needs. What it does to your body?? Check below… 

  • Boosts your immune system 
  • Reduces risk of heart disease 
  • Improves Eye sight
  • Slows down aging

You get these from beta carotene sources like carrots, cantaloupes etc… 

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Overdose may be harmful and try to take enough from the above veggies. 

Vitamin B – There are 8 B Vitamins and all are equally essential. But the most important for the pregnant women and young girls is the Vitamin B9 which is the folic acid. 

  • Fights against cancer
  • Fights birth defects
  • Keeps red blood cells healthy
  • Tones your muscles 
  • Keeps brain healthy
  • Maintains metabolism 

Vitamin B rich foods are grains, Aspagarus, beans etc. you can take supplement if you are pregnant. 

Vitamin C – Though medically not proven that it cures cold, it is believed to do so. Other vital uses are

  • Acts as a good antioxidants 
  • Very good for skin 
  • Good for anti aging and anti wrinkles 
  • Boosts immune system
  • Prevents heart disease and prenatal problems 
  • Heals wounds faster
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Vitamin C rich goods are citrus fruits like Oranges, broccoli, red pepper etc. An orange daily gives enough recommended daily dosage. 

 Vitamin D – This is another vitamin which plays vital role. 

  • It fights against diabetes 
  • Protects from Breast cancer and ovarian cancer
  • Helps to absorb calcium and in turn helps in keeping the bones strong
  • For strong muscles

Vitamin D rich foods are milk, orange juice, salmon etc. 

If you really don’t get enough of vitamin D, then can go for the pills after consulting your doctor. 

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So these Vitamins actually helps us to keep our body and mind strong. First try to get essential vitamins from our daily intake of foods. If it is not sufficient, then consult your doctor and take the supplements. But keep in mind, anything overdose can be dangerous. 


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