5 Beauty Tips For Your Spring Skin

Beauty Tips For spring skin

5 Beauty Tips For your Spring Skin

It might seem as if winter will never end, but don’t worry, spring will arrive before you know it! During the winter months one aspect of beauty that may be negatively affected is your skin. From seemingly never fading dry patches to a pale complexion, your skin might seem hopeless.

You probably feel as though you have tried every moisturizer recommended on the beauty market, and used every hydrating face mask available.

However, there is no need to worry!

With the end of winter comes the end of drying air, thus the end of dry skin!

Now, the next step is to do anything and everything to regain the healthy, thriving skin you know, love, and severely miss. This spring season revitalized, healthy skin is what you want, and there are many beauty tips that can help you achieve this coveted complexion!


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Top Tips for New, Healthy Spring Skin

1. Lighten Makeup

I know, we are all guilty of it. It’s the dead of winter, our skin is suffering, and all you want is flawless skin. However, there is no sun to add color to your complexion, and no humidity in the air to moisturizer and add life to the pores.

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So, what do you do? Go on a makeup shopping spree! Everything from the highest coverage concealer to the densest foundation is bought in hopes of achieving that spring glow in winter’s fury.

Unfortunately, your skin suffers underneath all your new makeup purchases. New pimples come to surface as pores are clogged, and your skin now needs some serious TLC.

This spring, cut back on the product used in your everyday makeup routine. Replace a full coverage foundation with a lighter BB cream.

You will still get the color correction and coverage of a normal foundation, without the clogged pores and bonus acne. Lighten up the makeup, and your skin will also feel light, free, and ready to take on warmer weather!

2. Use Color Giving Moisturizer

Instead of using a typical, basic moisturizer, try something different! I’m sure you used multiple different moisturizers over the winter, but your skin still might not of seemed up to par.

For the glowy, colored skin you are seeking, use a natural glow moisturizer. You won’t end up looking orange and unnatural, but glowy with a hint of color.

Continue to apply a moisturizer like this a few times every week in conjunction with another moisturizer. This way your color won’t seem fake, but will appear gradually, looking beautiful and vibrant!

3. Exfoliate AND Cleansing

One of the main ways to achieve clear, vibrant spring skin is to take care of it properly in a daily skin routine.


Exfoliating with a hydrating cleanser should be on of the first step in your skin routine.

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Exfoliating scrubs away the dead, dry skin that has been a result of the harsh winter air. However, exfoliating is a harsher treatment for the skin, so exfoliating should only be done two to three times a week.


Cleansing comes into the equation as the main support for a skin routine. The cleanser used should be more soft and mild than the exfoliator, as it is being used on a more daily basis.

The cleanser will nourish the skin through moisturizing and minimizing blemishes and stopping pimple formation and growth.

Make sure to add exfoliating and cleansing to your weekly skin treatments, and it won’t be long before your skin transforms into a radiant canvas!

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4. Don’t Skip SPF

It’s a known fact that winter is not a time where skin protection should be stopped– the sun can damage skin during any time of year. However, many still slack on skin protection, especially during the fall to spring months.

This spring put an end to your damaging habits and make new, beneficial ones that will be a big factor in achieving that new, glowing skin just in time for spring! Buy a sunscreen primer to apply before makeup.

This way the sunscreen protection won’t interfere with your makeup routine, and will even add to the base coverage. Not only will your makeup routine improve, but, more importantly, your protective habits will!

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Having your skin protected will stop the formation of sunspots, leaving your skin flawless before, during, and after the spring season!

5. Say Goodbye to Pores

Now, you might assume that getting rid of pores should be included in the exfoliating and cleansing tip, but that is not so. The problems pores cause in your winter skin can not be so easily solved. Often not even the strongest exfoliator can rid your skin of residue.

A solution to having flawless, pore-less skin for spring is in a specialized face mask. There are many pore cleansing and minimizing facial masks on the beauty market currently… and for good reason!

The added treatment really targets your pores, clearing them out, and stopping further growth. There is no better way to welcome spring than by having a fresh face to do so!

Now that you are equipped with five easy tips to achieve spring skin, don’t be shy in getting a go at achieving your own ideal skin!

Pick up a natural exfoliator and cleanser, as well as a new moisturizer instead of new makeup products. Plus, don’t forget the sunscreen!

With these products you will have glowing, radiant skin just in time to welcome the sun and warmer weather!

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