How to give your baby a full night’s sleep

​How to give your baby a full night’s sleep?

There are many reasons why your child wakes up in the middle of night. Most of the infants or toddlers often wake up due to the discomfort from diapers, hunger or just to feel reassured being close to the mother. Teething also can be one the reasons if your baby’s sleep pattern is getting disturbed. 

Most of the mothers often feel exhausted during the first few months of the arrival of the baby. All this process disrupt the sleeping pattern of the mother, make body depleted and can cause severe depression. The only solution to this problem is to create a daily activity pattern so your child can enjoy a good sleep at night. 

Below are the points that can help you child settle well at night, so you and the kid wake up fresh and energized. 

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​How to give your baby a full night's sleep?Image Source:

​How to give your baby a full night’s sleep?

  • Make your baby day time lively. Feed your baby in small portions from time to time and let him/her play with interactive toys. By night, your child will be tired and will easily sleep without much fret. Following this routine will regulate the sleep schedule. 
  • Allow your baby to fall asleep on their own once they are few months old. You can put them in a crib when they are slightly sleepy. If they still fuss, you can rock or feed them to help them sleep. But, always force them to settle on their own. This way, you make your self-regulating child right from very young age. 
  • Make the routine bedtime simple and follow that diligently for at least three months. If your child refuses to sleep early, encourage them to spend some quiet time half an hour before they go to bed. Turn off the TV and wind down the games they are playing so the child can relax and sleep quickly. 
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​How to give your baby a full night's sleep?

  • If your child is six months old, after feeding give your child a calming massage followed by a story or lullaby. Make sure the child is in comfortable clothes. You can get some best night time diapers that will absorb all the wetness leaving you child dry and comfortable all night.
  • Let your child sleep near to you for first few months. You can place the crib nest to the bed. This act will provide comfort in the child’s mind. Once the routine gets set, you can try switching the crib in another room so your baby can sleep on its own. 
  • Children often try to find comfort in some objects that were placed near them. If your child is six months old, let your child pick a soft toy or blanket which they can hold while they sleep. Make sure you don’t, but any comforter near your child is they are younger as they can get tangled in bed and feel distressed. 
  • Children have a keen sense of smell compared to adults. Make sure you keep the blanket with you for some time or arrange the bedding so the baby can feel your smell in the surroundings. 
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Sometimes, the child takes some time to sleep alone. Be patience with them as your anger or frustration can increase their stress. You can practice by motivating them to sleep alone. 

If your child cries, hold them in their bed and pat them to tell that everything is fine. You can keep the room slightly lit, so they don’t get scared in the dark. 

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