Health Benefits of Betal Leaves – Vetrilai (Vethallai)

Health Benefits of Betal Leaves – Betal leaves (also called as Vetrilai (vethallai) in Tamil and Paan in Hindi), has so many medicinal values which people are not aware of. 

Benefits of Betal Leaves - Vetrilai

The betal and areca play an important role in Indian culture, especially among Hindus.

Betal leaves are used as stimulant, antiseptic and a breath freshner. 

It is also used as treatment for cold for children and infants which is still followed by many Indian villagers.

So lets see the amazing benefits of the Betal leaves

Treats Stomach pain

Boil 3-4 betel leaves in water along with 4-5 black pepper. Consumption of this liquid gives instant relief in stomach pain, due to indigestion.

For Arthritis pain

Benefits of Betal Leaves- Vetrilai

Heat the leaves and keep on the paining area. You can feel pain getting reduced. (Beofre keeping, check whether you can able to bear the heat).

To heal the wound/pus

Heat the betal leaves along with castor oil and tie on the affected area. The pus gets drained and the wound heals effectively.

To strengthen nerves

Juice of betel leaves mixed with honey is the beneficial health tonic. It gives strength to nerves and reduces nerves pain.

Treats Respiratory problems

Benefits of Betal Leaves - Vetrilai Betal leaves are very much used in tteating respiratory problems. 

Ayurveda recommends betel leaves in the treatment of bronchitis. 

Betel leaves juice and honey is used as a remedy in cough and some other types of breathing problems.

Cures cough

Betal leaves mixed with basil leaves (tulsi) and honey acts as a good cough syrup.

Take 3 to 4 betal leaves and few basil leaves. Grind and extract the juice. Mix with honey and drink it.

Helps in digestion

It induce salivary glands because of which more saliva is created in mouth and food is digested easily. This is the reason, why many people eat the paan after the food.

Fights against Diabetics

Benefits of Betal Leaves - Vetrilai Betal leaves have Anti- diabetic properties and maintains the insulin production in the body.

Controls body odour

While taking bath, add some betal leaves and neem leaves to the water. Leave it for 5 min and bath with that water.  It reduces the body odour.

Remedy for Headache

Betal leaves juice is a good treatment for headache. Grin the betal leaves along with little boiled water. Now mix few drops of camphor essential oil and apply on the forehead.

Benefits of Betal Leaves - Vetrilai Betal leaves water

1.  Boil betel leaves in water. After cooling use that water to wash eyes. It can reduce the itching and inflammation of eye.

2.  Boil betel leaves in water and use that water for gargling. This can give relief in bleeding gums.

3.  Chew leaves or rinse the mouth with betel leaves water to get rid of bad breath.

4.  Crush some betel leaves and mix them into water and wash the affected area 2-3 times a day to get rid of acne.


Now a days it is being mixed with tobacco and eaten and all its medicinal properties are spoiled and it is harmful to the health.

Too much of eating betel leaves, gives stain to the teeth.


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