​7 Most Effective Fat Cutter Drinks – Weight Loss Diet 

7 Most Effective Fat Cutter Drinks – Weight Loss Diet – Losing weight is a major concern in the lives of many men and women worldwide. Many of us feel we have left no stone unturned when it comes to trying methods that help in losing weight, yet the efforts go in vain. So what next, we wonder?

7 Most effective fat cutter drinks

Fat cutter drinks

Well, the good news is, there are plenty of drinks that can help in losing weight effectively. These drinks, play a pivotal role in aiding the weight loss process as they help you stay hydrated, in addition to replacing high calorie drinks with healthy beverages.

Below mentioned are 7 most effective fat cutter drinks known to aid in losing weight.

1. Green tea

Fat cutter drinks Since green tea contains powerful antioxidants, it undeniably becomes one of the most effective fitness drinks. In addition, green tea also helps in stimulating metabolism for weight loss.

Ensure that you drink at least 2 to 3 cups of green tea every day without adding sugar, honey, and cream. If you don’t like to drink your green tea plain, check out the different ways to drink green tea.

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2. Vegetable juice

Fat cutter drinks Another amazing fat cutter drink is fresh vegetable juice. Take a few of your favourite food and make a juice out of them. Your favourite vegetables can be carrots with a hint of ginger, tomatoes, and so forth.

Consuming a glass of vegetable juice on a daily basis not only helps in losing weight but also supplies the body with essential nutrients and fibre.

3. Skim milk

Fat cutter drinks It is widely prevalent myth that drinking milk hinders the weight loss process. Quite the contrary, in reality. Studies have shown that a calcium-rich diet actually helps in weight loss in the long run.

Since milk is a good source of protein, it is ideal to drink skim milk that contains less than 1% fat.

Drink the milk in moderation.

4. Ice water

Fat cutter drinks Who would have thought that chilled ice water will be in the list on 7 most effective fat cutting drinks? But, it is as ice water does help in losing weight. Also check out the benefits of drinking water from copper vessel.

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When you drink ice water, your body will burn calories in order to heat the water up to digest it. Drinking a glass of ice water before meals can help in losing weight as you will feel fuller.

So, next time, if you think you are hungry, try drinking a glass of ice water and wait till 30 minutes to see if you still feel hungry!

5. Apple juice

Fat cutter drinks Prepare apple juice by taking 3 to 4 medium sized apples, two oranges and two celery stalks. Now blend all these components and drink the prepared juice.

The apple drink helps in augmenting metabolism and also aids in building immune systems. Drink one glass of apple juice daily.

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6. Black coffee

Fat cutter drinks Then, of course, we have black coffee to lose weight. Black coffee helps in stimulating metabolism and is also known as a potent source of energy.

Make sure you drink black coffee each morning at breakfast. Avoid adding sugar or milk in your black coffee.

7. Cinnamon and honey

Fat cutter drinks Every morning, an hour prior to your breakfast, take one glass of water and add a spoonful of honey and half a tablespoon of cinnamon. Allow the water to boil.

Drink the mixture every morning to see effective weight loss results. It is a good idea to add lime to the mixture to boost the fat burning process.


Losing weight requires patience and self-discipline, which, sadly, most of us lack. But, a little bit of mindful eating and drinking can provide great help in losing weight. Ensure that you take the mentioned 7 fat cutting drinks seriously as they really do have the power to cut your calories.



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