How to help your child to make friends

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How to help your child to make friends? – When your child wants to play with some other children, who were playing in groups and they are not allowing your kid to play with them, and your kid come back asking for your help, what will you do?

That too, if your kid is shy, then he/she cannot mingle with other kids that easily and can’t make friends on their own. They always tend to play alone and this may decrease their self-esteem and confidence.

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So as a Parent, we need to help our kids to make some friends. We can’t make friends for our kid, but we can help our kid to make friends.

How to help your child to make friends

Here we give the tips to help your child to make friends.

Ask your child to show kindness/empathy

Train you child to show kindness to other children, by lending them pencil, helping them when a kid fall down, sharing a lunch etc. Kindness in return helps to make a great friendship.

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Ask your child to compliment other children

It always feels good to receive a sincere compliment. You can ask your child to give compliments to other kids, by just saying “You look pretty in this dress”, “Your drawing is great”. Everyone likes the person, who appreciates us and it is a good signal of a great friendship.

Organize a play date

You can organize a play date at your home and invite your child’s friend to your home. Organize some activities for the children to mingle with each other and play.

Make your home a welcoming place for your child’s’ friends. This can make things easier as she, and her friendships, mature. It will also give you the chance to get to know your child’s friends.

Clear out the misunderstanding

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Small kids sometimes fight with each other and end their friendship. Misunderstanding is common in friendships. So talk to your child what actually went wrong and ask them to wait for a day or two. It does not mean that you need to step in to the kids world, but make them to understand the issue.

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Connect with moms

You can create a connection with moms of same age kids, by regularly going to nearby parks, visiting community centers etc. When you make a friendship, your children feel more comfortable making friends with their children.

Enroll them in extracurricular activities

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Ask your kid what they really like and enroll them in those extracurricular activities, like dancing, singing, karate, soccer etc., Children can often able to find the other like minded kids in these activities and it can help kids to build a friendship between them.

Play with your kid

Yes. Play with your kid. Did it sound weird?? May be. But it worked in my case. My son is a shy type when he is at the kindergarten and never talks to other children all alone. He play alone in park and asks me to accompany him.

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So I go with him to the park and play with him, football, catching and even hide and seek. By seeing this, his age kids wants to play with him so that I catch them. This continued for a while and he got many friends to play with him later.

As a parent, you don’t want to see your kid to be playing alone. Use these tricks and teach these tips to your kid and help them to make a great friendship. So is your kid having lot of friends. In what way you helped them?? Do you follow any other tricks? Then please share.



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