Home Remedies to treat Dry Feet

Home Remedies to treat dry feet:  Foot care is most important aspect in human life and it should not be ignored as feet are our main organ by which we are standing on earth Most people are not much aware of proper foot care, and hence they are always in some kind of problem with their foot. Podiatrist suggests some strategies which are most helpful in reducing foot pain and relief the feet as well.

Our feet skin is naturally dry and contains no oil glands. Therefore it relies on numerous sweat glands unlike the rest of the body. These glands are responsible for moisturizing those feet to a minute extent. There are few people who don’t moisturize their feet adequately can suffer problematic issues caused by dryness of feet. There are certain home remedies for dry feet that could provide proper moisturizing to the feet and keeps it away from getting dry.


home remedies to treat dry feet

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Home Remedies to treat Dry Feet

There are some specific home remedies to treat dry feet. By applying these home-made and simple tips and techniques all the problems of foot are vanished.

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Honey Treatment

Honey is one of the nature’s rewards that could be beneficial to us in many ways. For dry feet honey acts as a phenomenal moisturizer and its high contents of humectants that seals moisture. Soaking your feet for about 15 min in warm water added with honey and scrubbing it gently afterwards can help in preventing of feet dryness.

Vegetable Oil Treatment

Organic vegetables are packed with numerous photo chemical and other beneficial nutrients that could as an excellent moisturizer for dry feet. Applying a thin layer of vegetable oil frequently can help you achieve a soothing feet. For best results apply this oil over night and wash it as you wake up.

Treatment using Brown Sugar Scrub

Brown sugar’s scrub can do wonders to your feet as it is loaded with small granules that act as magnificent moisturizer. Brown sugar added in warm water with honey, olive oil, lemon juice makes up a great moisturizer that helps curing dry feet and could prevent bacterial infections as well. (Also check 8 remedies for swollen Legs)

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home remedies to treat dry feet

Milky Massage

Due to the richness of vitamin A and other healthy nutrients in milk such as lactic acid and hydroxyl acid can be act as a gently slough off to your dead skin. Lactic acid in milk promotes water retention capacity of your skin making it moisturized .

A Combo of Petroleum Jelly and Lemon Juice

Petroleum jelly as extracted from petrol thus it contains high oil-based content. Petroleum jelly widely regarded by it famous brand name Vaseline. When this oily emollient is mixed with lemon juice it acts as treat that you could provide to your dry feet. The acetic nature of lemon juice revitalizes dead skin cells and replaces it with the new ones.

Massage using Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is one of the treatments for feet that could act as complete nourishment for the feet. It contains properties of a remarkable emollient and a moisturizer as well. Sesame oil also fights against bacterial and fungal developments of feet.

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Treatment using Turmeric for Healthy Feet

Turmeric is being used as a feet healer since ages. With its very high curcuminoids contents that acts anti-inflammatory and bacterial agents provides a soothing relief to the feet. Turmeric is the remedy for people suffering from dry feet. (Also check – How to use turmeric for beautiful face and skin)

Essential Oil Healing

Essential oils provide a comparatively longer feet moisturizing solution. It also acts as an anti bacterial and anti fungal agents that only keeps your feet clean and healthy rather it provides with smooth skin that you always desired for. These are the main essential oil of lanolin, Moroccan argan oil, lavender, camphor bark oil and black pepper oil.

Follow these Home Remedies to treat dry feet and cracked heels and get a baby soft feet. 🙂



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